10 Contemporary Shows To Watch For Free At Home

For many of us in the theatre industry, this is just the beginning of an incredibly challenging period in time. When your entire life has been fighting to achieve your dreams, living and breathing the dream for it to then be swept away under your feet, we won't be able to stand up again as quickly as many industries will.

Theatre for most isn't a hobby, its a passion filled career. For many it means escapism and a place of safety and serenity.

Below are a list of 10 wonderful shows that you can watch for free at home, and will hopefully bring some of that peace and encourage you to not give up. It will be a long and bumpy road to rebuild but luckily we are a collection of some of the strongest, most resilient people.

Stay powerful,


10 Contemporary Shows To Watch @ Home For Free

1) Getting Better Slowly - An inspiring story of illness and recovery


2) Only The Brave - A new musical


3) Wasted - Southwark Playhouse


4) 21 Chump Street - Lin-Manuel Miranda - The American Life


5) The Time of Your Life - Gecko - The Full Show


6) Sea Wall - With Andrew Scott


7) Cirque Du Soleil - 60 Minute Special


8) Chichester Festival Theatre - Numerous Productions


9) Grounded - Mark Brenner


10) Mushy - Lyrically speaking


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