What's All This About Then?

Having suffered greatly with mental health over the last seven years, I know how detrimental it can be to ones career, let alone their personal lives. Which is why I can't now just sit by knowing that others are suffering without something for them to grab hold of in times of darkness.

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement." - Helen Keller

My Mission Statement *gulp*

In theory, it is simple. I eventually want to help create a more supported industry within the Arts, enabling performers, creatives and like minded souls to feel safer and more aware of the impact mental health has in this incredibly complex industry.

I understand that the stigma is beginning to dissolve, or at least it is better than I am sure it was even just ten years ago. But, having experienced friends and colleagues, like me, not knowing exactly where the light is in those times of darkness, I want to help find new ways to make this easier and more accessible.

As best I can, I want to create a non surgical approach to this (can be) rather daunting matter.

I will be blogging interviews with current fighters, connecting with other pre existing organisations as well as all things weird and wonderful to make your days that bit brighter.

We are all on our own path. All I can ask is that you trust the path you are on can hold you up until we figure this out, together.

Keep fighting.



(You can find out more about my journey with mental health within this industry so far on the cheeky 'About' button above.)

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