Behind The Bakery

I caught up with the brilliant Bobby Windebank, also known for his renowned 'Bobby's Bakery', about all things fitness and mental health.

For someone that has always struggled finding consistent motivation to exercise, turning up to Bobby's Bakery as much as I can has reminded me that HIIT workouts aren't as daunting as they are in my head and I only have to do what I feel I can do on that day. "Remember, they're your workouts, so make them work for you" Bobby says.

Bobby speaks openly about the difficulties but perks of his Instagram live videos and also some words he has for people struggling to motivate themselves in lockdown.

Why did you start Bobby's Bakery?

"I kind of started Bobby’s Bakery by accident! I’m an instructor at Sweat It London and when the studio closed, they asked me to do an instagram live class for them on my own account. I really enjoyed it, so I asked the viewers if they wanted me to do another one the next day, which they did. Now I’ve done one every single day since the week before lockdown! The Bakery has taken over my life!"

Do you think it is important for our mental health to keep a regular fitness regime?

"Absolutely! Particularly during this crazy time. This is why I’ve been doing the classes at the same time every day. It gives people a routine and a focus when so much is out of their control at the moment.

Fitness can have an amazing impact on your physical and mental health, but don’t put yourself under any pressure to work out if you don’t feel like it. We’re all figuring out our own way to get through lockdown."

How do you keep yourself motivated? Do you ever find it difficult?

"It can be really challenging to keep my motivation when I’m doing the classes every day, but I know that as soon as I start the classes, I’m going to have a great time!

I’m incredibly lucky that I get to interact with some amazing people and be part of a little community coming together from all over the world. It’s a really special feeling! The people are what keep me motivated!"

Have you found doing the IG lives has had an affect on your mental health in any way?

"The IG lives can be a really strange, lonely experience. I’ve struggled with being overly critical and harsh on myself any time I make a mistake. IG live seems to amplify the mental impact of what I’m doing and sometimes a little mistake will eat away at me for the whole live. That feeling can snowball, but I have to remember that the people who are tuning in every day aren’t focussing on my mistakes. They’ve been so supportive of everything I’ve done and The Bakery is for them!"

Do you have any advice for anyone that is struggling to find motivation to exercise in lockdown?

"Motivation can be a massive struggle during lockdown. What I would say is, don’t put pressure on yourself to work out. If you don’t feel like working out then don’t. But I would encourage people to tune in to one of the many amazing Insta live workouts out there. Even if you start by just watching and then gradually build up to doing a full workout. Remember, they’re your workouts, so make them work for you."

- Paris Hoxton

Illustrations by @red_cheeky_drawings

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