Black Lives Matter: Mental Health Support

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Dear reader,

As much as I'd love to write today's blog starting 'Happy Wednesday!', I couldn't bear to hide behind the false pretence that nothing is wrong, when frankly it is quite the contrary.

I wanted to use my blog as a platform to help in any way I can with the injustices and the ongoing fight for #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

With the protests in America, London, Paris and more; and the ever-growing social media presence of the fight against racism and injustice with black lives, we are all becoming more aware (I hope) of what we can be doing to educate ourselves in order to provide our support for those who need it most at this time, and use our voices to fight with them.

I can only imagine the impact this never ending fight has on people of colour, therefore below I have compiled a list of organisations for people from BAME communities in the UK. If you are in crises (needing immediate help) or would like ongoing support, I really hope this might help you now or in the future.

We stand with you.

Massive love, stay strong and keep fighting,



BLACK THRIVE: Working to reduce the inequality and injustices experienced by Black people in mental health services

RETHINK: Crisis Team

MIND: Young black men programme

SHARING VOICES: Working with diverse minority communities in Bradford

SOLACE: Support to asylum seekers and refugees


MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION: Providing key mental health statistics for specific BAME communities

INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS: Providing BAME health and mental health statistics

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