Easing Isolation...

I have definitely noticed something when speaking to some friends; I will ask how they are doing and they might say they're fine, and that their feelings are nothing compared to some people's. Of course I can understand their reasoning behind these thoughts, however, every one of us has had to change our way of living and you are completely within reason to be honest and say that you are struggling with it. This doesn't mean you lesser appreciate the great struggle and pain many are going through- it means you are human and are allowed to feel.

Don't be embarrassed or underrate how you are feeling, ever. Let's say, If you have depression or anxiety, or don't but are feeling sad or anxious at the moment; we all, equally, never need justification to say we have had a sh*t day. We will naturally have down days, which is completely normal (especially in times such as these).

So, how can we help ourselves and others to cope better and make day to day in isolation that bit easier, without putting any pressure on ourselves?

1) Check in with yourself - So often we can get swept up in life's wonderfully wild whirlwind, which can be great to keep busy, but make sure you're not suppressing anything that may help you in the long run if you dealt with it now. As I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of; it is a lot easier to bottle up your feelings than face them there and then... but we also know that this bottle will eventually become full and will one day pop open making it harder for us to deal with. So maybe ask yourself, am I bottling anything up at the moment?

2) Try being open - If a friend asks how you are doing, as long as you feel comfortable with them, don't feel guilty about telling them how you are really feeling. No matter how big or small your worry might be, a problem shared is a problem halved (as cliché as I know it is).

3) Brighten the boredom - I find it helps me when I look at boredom in different light... notice when you're thinking you are bored, and what you are doing in this time. If you need to chill out and watch Marvel, then allow yourself to appreciate you need that time. If you want to be doing something different, but don't have the motivation or lack inspiration, also allow this time to maybe go for the 'low hanging fruit', basically meaning tasks which are going to be easily achievable for you but that will also bring you some fulfillment.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Treat every day as a new day and remember that whatever you are going through, you are not alone.


Illustrations by the wonderful @red_cheeky_drawings

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