Film Friday: Checking In

Whatever you have planned this weekend, don't forget to check in with yourself, your friends and your family. Although a lot of Lockdown is now beginning to lift, life for many remains incredibly difficult. Show kindness to yourself and to others, now more than ever.

Here are some cracking suggestions from our team if you needed some movie Inspo this week!

- Paris & Em x

Top 10 Films This Week...

The Salisbury Poisionings: BBCiplayer

Based on the real life event, in 2018, in Wiltshire. A very gripping, 3 part, BBC drama, with a wonderful cast, including Rafe Spall. Couldn’t recommend anything more.

Brave: Disney+

The iconic Pixar film ready to watch whenever you’d like to. Princess Merida fighting for the right to choose her own fate, with a twist. Touching story, set in the beautiful Highlands.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: Netflix

If you love a Rom-Com this is the film for you. Lara-Jean writes letters about her feelings for all the boys she’d had feelings for throughout her life, without intending to ever send them. How does she react when they actually get out? Such an easy watch.

The Duff: Netflix

Staring Mae Whitmore and Robbie Amell. Bianca finds out she’s ‘The Duff’ of her friendship group and needs help finding a way to change that. Teen comedy fighting the stereotypes of high school.

Garden Escape: BBCiplayer

The Rich Brothers and Charlie Dimmock redesign a member of the public’s garden, into a glorious haven from their own imagination. One design is chosen and we see them make it a reality. Great easy watching for a rainy afternoon, that might give you some inspiration for your own garden.

- Anne With An E: Netflix

Canadian orphan who unexpectedly finds a home, a family and an adventure. Very heart warming.

- Yesterday: NowTV

A singer songwriter from Suffolk who is the only one to remember the beetles and their song after some kind of power reset in the world. He then finds fame and fortune by playing the Beetles' songs but in the end, love wins over fame...

- Schitt's Creek: Netflix

Small mid west town doesn't know what has hit them when a ritch family made destitute land on their door step. A comedy that will certainly grow on you with brilliant writing and wonderful morals.

- Ozark: Netflix

A family who find themselves working for the cartel. Let's just say... sh*t goes down.

- Middleditch & Schwartz: Netflix

Insanely funny live improvisation duo reenacting audience members experiences.

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