Film Fridays #1

Introducing Film Fridays – Every Friday, a new shortlist of films and series currently streaming online will be featured on the blog. We want you to hold the mic and tell us what you are watching and why we should also!

When in isolation I often find myself going around in circles, thinking about what I should do, how I should be feeling and I personally think a great way to get out of your head is to apply your mind to something creative. You can definitely do this by watching Netflix (believe me or not) but especially if you exercise your opinion with what you're watching!

We aren't film critics, and you don't need to be either. Let's just get talking!

Check out this week’s list below and tweet us @OneWay_Arts with the hashtag #filmfridays to have the chance to feature on next weeks list and join the discussion.


1) CREEP (Film) - "This movie is different... The cinematography and the way it grips you throughout is why I love thriller films. It’s very odd, intriguing and definitely creepy. (Netflix)" - @ericka_posadas_

2) BOOKSMART (Film) - "An honest film with lotsa LOL's, about high schoolers graduating! (Amazon Prime)" - @thedanimills

3) UNORTHADOX (mini-series) - "So bloomin good! I only heard great things about this almost Nordic-noir mini series. I can confirm it brought true insight into the shockingly real Yiddish lifestyle, leaving me yearning to find out more. Can't recommend enough. (Netflix)" - @Paris_Hoxton

4) HUSH (Film) - "Another great thriller if you fancy it. The storyline doesn’t have much dialogue (you’ll see for yourself why). The acting is phenomenal and found myself really invested in the story. Another great storytelling with limited dialogue. I found it clever how they made you feel so invested through the cinematography. (Netflix)" - @ericka_posadas_

5) KNIVES OUT (Film) - "If you love a good old classic Whodunnit- with a twist... A star studded cast, with a thrilling story that really keeps you on the edge of your seat. Wonderfully written and directed by Rian Johnson, the murder mystery we didn’t know we needed. (Sky)" - @eemilymary

Have you taken any of the above recommendations? Let us know!

Tweet us @OneWay_Arts with the hashtag #filmfridays to have the chance to feature on next weeks list and join the discussion.

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