Film Fridays #6

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Here’s this week’s top 10 #FilmFriday!

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Your top 10 this week...

1. Inside Man - Netflix

Denzel Washing. Bank Robbery. A very clever twist at the end. Denzel is a hero. @george_curzon

2. Gladiator - Netflix

A complete classic. Everybody should watch this at least once in their life. Breathtaking story. @dannigoodwin123

3. Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make-Up Star - BBCiplayer

Britain’s best make up artists in a competition to find the best. Like America’s Next stop Model, but for make up.

4. Ben Platt: Live From Radio City Music Hall - Netflix

Maybe I’m slightly bias because I’m completely obsessed with Ben Platt. His filmed concert, from 2019, at his dream venue. Magical in every way.

5. The Politician - Netflix

Again, Ben Platt. Written by Ryan Murphy, who is unstoppable. Follows the life of a High School student running for school president. Lots of twists and turns.

6. Gogglebox - 4OD. The lockdown edition of regular show. Even more relatable as we’re all feeling stir crazy.

7. Tenable - itvhub

Game show hosted by Warrick Davis where a team of 5 fight to win money. Easy fun-loving watch.

8. The Mandelorian - Disney+

Star Wars fan will know this is a fantastic watch. Set before any of the films we’ve seen before, but all the same magic.

9. Big Mouth - Netflix

Adult comedy. Wonderfully hilarious. Perfect for quarantine. The episodes aren’t too long and the puberty humour is so relatable that you won’t be able to turn it off.

10. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before - Netflix

The perfect Rom-Com. The cast is wonderful and it’s nothing we’ve seen before. Made for Netflix and it’s such a great watch.

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