Quaran-Tina Getting You Down?

We have all had to make MASSIVE lifestyle changes over the past couple of weeks and most of us are still learning how to adapt with the circumstances laid before us. We all know it isn't going to be easy and it can be hard when you're seeing your friends doing a million online classes (which is awesome) however can make us feel like we should be doing the same, however- We will have good, productive days and we will undoubtedly have lesser productive (Netflix) days. BOTH of which are perfectly valid and you do not need to justify them to yourself or to anyone!

I do believe it is important to find the balance, but I know this can be difficult. So, if you'd like a little guidance in these tough times then please read on...

1) It is important to remember what brings you joy/ content. If that is baking, yoga, reading, drawing, writing. Don't think about doing it too much, just do it *Read in voice of Shia Le Buff*

2) If you are working from home; having a Netflix day or are sitting and reading etc, every now and then see if you can stand up, stretch, shake your hands, your feet, roll your shoulders back and maybe get a breath of fresh air.

3) Time flies when you are binge watching your favourite box set, or getting through the Marvel collection- and it sounds silly but remember to keep hydrated. Although we aren't doing an awful lot, we still need to keep our bodies and our minds healthy and clear.

All the love,

Paris x

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