'Step Into Your Light'

I am so grateful to have had the chance to speak with Laura White, a London based performer/ confidence and wholeness coach. I wanted to find out more about her coaching and why she believes her approach is so important, especially for performers and anyone in the arts!

Why did you start confidence and wholeness coaching?

"Mid way through last year, I found myself in a place where I felt really stuck. I felt like I had lost a part of myself through the drama school, graduation, industry process. I realised I needed to connect back with myself before that and realign. I have always had a passion for helping people so I decided I would do that. I would combine my two passions. Life coaching provided me with an amazing way of being able to do that and also a way of being able to really help to change people’s lives."

What does your coaching entail exactly?

"I specialise in confidence and wholeness, so I work with people to help them to get back to themselves and also to realise their whole, unique power. I focus less on goal setting and changing people but on getting to the root of why they are not where they want to be. Challenging limiting beliefs, working through insecurities and starting the journey of healing and loving. I usually work on a 1-1 basis and I am simply there to walk alongside."

Have you noticed links with your coaching and your clients' mental health?

"Massively! Coaching isn’t a substitute for therapy or mental health care, but it can be used as a different coping mechanism. We work so much on really getting to know ourselves and figuring out the “why” that it creates a better sense of self. And awareness is such a huge part in being able to manage your mental health."

Do you think your coaching could be beneficial for anyone in the arts industry? 

"I think that the arts industry is a beautiful and creative place, but I know for me and many people I have had conversations with that it has been a huge trigger for comparison, anxiety and low self-worth. It can take away the magic and the reason we love what we do.

If you start to become aware of this in yourself and decide to choose your happiness and your mental well-being, I really believe we could be looking at a whole different story for people.

It is part of my mission that people can stand in their own light. Knowing someone else’s success doesn’t take away from your own. Imagine the love and support in a place like that."

Laura also said -

"If all you did today was get up and face the day, it’s okay. This is a completely strange time so if you haven’t learnt 6 new instruments, 5 new languages and written a feature length film, I would give yourself a bit of a break. You’re doing great and you’re not alone.

Love and strength."

To find out more about Laura's coaching, visit: www.laurawhitecoaching.co.uk

- Paris Hoxton

Illustrations by @red_cheeky_drawings

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